Tuesday, February 1, 2011

step kids

1. We have new pictures of my step kids now---- They are some good looking kids,all the girls are married and two of them have children,the lady in red is Stephanie Johnson Little,the oldest(she has a boy Ayden 2 1/2 years old-a girl Chy Ann 13 months old----the lady in white is Ashley Johnson Patton,second to oldest and has one boy age 2 1/2 (he was born death and after 3 surgery's he hears some out of one ear) Heather in black married in June 2010,she is now Heather Johnson Snowden-- The young man's name is Travis Johnson,he turned 18 Dec. 2010. I think Travis looks just like his dad. 2. The family of three is The Patton family-Ashley,Shane Patton and Colton Chance Patton. 3 & 4. Heather Johnson was at the time of this photo,she is now Heather Snowden I never post any thing about my step children,when I married Bill,Travis was just 11 years old----time does fly
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Beautiful Family Pictures---Amanda