Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fall is here

I have not had time to blog like I want,man seems we are always so busy,I did get to have my Grand girls a few days after school the past few weeks and one day they had no school last week and they came to play with the children here,they just love to see the children,Madelyn and Eryn made mud cookies,they did the science experiment of making the volcano,they all loved that even Eryn,Andrew has not been himself in awhile now,but he is coming around,I nor his family know what his problem is,he is doing better now,for awhile he cried at the drop of a hat,every thing seemed to up set him,even the kids made him cry,must be some kind of a stage,I am so happy he is getting his bounce back.

The weather has been so nice,I hate to see winter come,we have spent a lot of time out doors the past month,more then usual,I just know it want be long and out door time will be limited.Halloween is almost here and I have did no decorating,non what so ever and I have tons of stuff,I do need to get out something to look some festive,this being either to busy or to tired is getting old,we plan to be gone the week-in so I want get much done since all my Halloween decor is in our Attic. I have not even got to do as many pictures as I usually do. I will be doing a shoot at UACCB in Dec. I am excited about that and I have a year old little one to do fall pictures of real soon,need to next week-in.

Today I got news that in the spring the month of April 2011, there will be 3 babies born of whom I will be taking care of,wow I will feel like I've had triplets before this is over, wish me luck taking care of 3 babies 8-10 hours-5 days a week,I have had two tiny ones before but not three,maybe three want seem like more work then two. I will have a couple more kids dropping out next spring to start preschool,two of my kids will be 4 next year and it will probably be time for them to move on, I can always tell when they need to do this and I see it coming,I sure do miss the children that leave my nest here----smile----Eryn will do great in school,she is like my grandchild Jadelyn every one worried she would not do well but,she was ready and had loved school,her and her sister both love school,they are 10 years old now and 9(madelyn will be 9 Nov.1st this year)I can not believe how fast time goes by,I love caring for children but I see me retiring from this in another year or two,this year makes me 12 years,and I have loved all the children,each one has been a blessing and they have all been different,no two are alike in their personalises no more than they are in looks.The twins will be fun to have I think,smile.Eryn will be a big sister and Gracelyne whom is now in school will also be a big sister come spring.The twins will come a little early I am guessing, most do.I just hope to stay sane enough to enjoy retirement----smile-----God has his ways of testing our Patience,I get my share of this test,I hope I am passing,one person ask me "How do you keep from getting mad at the kids" MAD I could not believe what I was hearing,,,,if a person gets mad at babies and toddlers then they have a anger problem----kids make mistakes that is how they learn,kids push us,it is our job to help shape them,we hold a mold and according to how we handle life they will also-----LOVE is the greatest gift of all.When I am no longer in this world,I hope to be remembered for the love I had to give.I hope the children will remember me----What do you want to be remembered for?
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