Thursday, December 9, 2010

The best Pancakes

I started out making a pan cake;then I remembered hearts,the children love it when I cook them heart shape pan cakes and that is just what I made them for breakfast today,Claire remembered and ask me if I was going to make her a heart pan cake. all the children had them-Claire had 2.

We had a wonderful day here today,the children all played well together and only one child got time out,three children fell asleep on the sofa after lunch,one child got time out for pinching and poking Gracelyne to wake her up,when I walked into the living room I heard a sleepy voice say no leave me alone and I caught Gavin pinching Gracelyne's arm trying to wake her up,he got a time out over that deal,he cried at first but his choice was to take time out in a chair in the living room and be quiet or go to bed and take his time out there and cry all he wanted,he stopped crying and sit still,he was still in time out when his mom came.
Eryn has been a big girl and has been coming to me and telling me when another child does some thing to her,I am proud she is now letting me handle what is going on.
I am ready for Friday night with my husband home. I am taking my grand-children to a Christmas play this week in at a local church,I am all excited about that.I plan to spend all day Sunday with my grand children Jadelyn and Madelyn. I have been missing them. We will have to do some crafts together,speaking of crafts we are working on some here tomorrow also.I love it and time goes by so fast when we are having fun.
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